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Isabel Imbriano is a BFA Graphic Design graduate of FIT currently living in Brooklyn, New York.☻ 

Poster House 
Graphic Design

Graphic design done while working as a graphic designer at the museum Poster House, a museum dedicated to posters.

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I ❤’D New York 
Senior Thesis 

Senior thesis book about NYC’s change and gentrification featuring anonymous statements, interviews, photographs, and found objects.

This project was selected for the FIT Museum 2019 Senior Show.

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Internship/Freelance Work
Graphic Design

Work done for various graphic design  jobs. Includes branding, editorial design, logo design, and concept work. 

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Accessory Design
2017 - Present 

Designs for my shop Cryptid Club. Inspired by mythical creatures and animals I love, I design all the product illustrations and manage the store.

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Isabel Imbriano 
Brooklyn, New York